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Croatia tips - Plitvice Lakes region

August 2019 


 A few km from the Plitvice Lakes National Park, we stayed in Grabovac at House Matijevic Simic, a beautiful house furnished with taste and common sense. Recently renovated, with a well equipped kitchen, impeccably clean.

House Matijevic Simic
House Matijevic Simic
giardino House Matijevic Simic
House Matijevic Simic


Plitvice Lakes National Park

Immersed in a Dolomite valley, Plitvice Lakes National Park includes 16 crystal clear lakes of a color that varies from turquoise to emerald, sometimes so intense as to seem fake, and hundreds of waterfalls that connect them. It takes about 6 hours to walk all the way along the path or 4 if taking the boats and buses that are available for free. Summer is very crowded, the best season to visit the Park is spring.

Laghi di Pltivice
Laghi di Pltivice
Laghi di Pltivice

Barac’s caves – Rakovica

These caves, full of stalactites and stalagmites, can only be visited with authorized guides who take visitors along a path explaining the geological structure and showing the skeleton of a cave bear. The guided tour lasts about an hour. Outside there is a picnic area equipped with tables and games for children.

Grotte di Barac


Zipline Pazi Medo – Rudopolje, Vrhovine

Lika is the least developed region of Croatia. Here a group of young adrenaline enthusiasts have tried to launch tourism, building what is said to be the longest zipline in Europe. A 1700 m long angel flight through the woods suspended like birds. Lots of fun if made in tandem!

Zipline Pazi Medo


Rastoke – The village of the mills

This small village is located along Slunjčica River which, flowing into Korana River between travertine rocks, creates waterfalls, ponds and caves. The name Rastoke means branching of rivers. Here the mills have been the primary source of livelihood for the local population for centuries. An enchanted place, with so many charming restaurants that it is better to book in advance.

Rastoke Croazia
Rastoke, Wikimedia Commons