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About me

Ciao, my name is Elena and I’m an Italy travel planner.

I was born and raised in Rome where I live with my husband and our two daughters.

I am a former airline employee, I have worked for Alitalia and Air One’s Sales Management. 

As an airline employee I had the opportunity to travel the world, so I usually was the one in charge of organizing trips for my family and friends. We still all go on vacation at least once a year, as you can read in my travel diaries.

When I lost my job I pulled up my socks and decided to make the most of my experience enrolling in a professional course to become a Travel Designer at Accademia Creativa del Turismo.
I currently am an affiliate of ACT Travel tour operator

Eatalian Travel Atelier

In 2022 I started my Eatalian Travel Atelier® project focused on providing slow and authentic travel experiences.

My mission is to offer you an authentic Italian journey, immersing you in local culture through a blend of cultural activities, wine and food tastings, wellness activities, hiking and much more.

Countries I have visited