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Elena Marini

I am Elena. I was born to an Italian father and an English mother in Rome where I have always lived except for a few years spent in Naples when I was a child, a city I’m still very close to.

My husband was born in Eritrea, and we have two daughters aged 12 and 19.

I worked for a long time for two well-known airlines, Air One and Alitalia where I held various positions, the last one in the office that manages staff travel. 

During those years I had a chance to travel a lot for leisure and for duty,  so I decided to make the most of my experience and started working as a travel consultant for ACT Travel tour operator, organizing bespoke trips throughout the world.

Because of my passion and my knowledge, I’m also usually the one in charge of organizing trips for my family and friends, with whom we usually go on a group vacation at least once a year, as you can read in my travel diaries.

Elena Marini a Gragnano

Eatalian Travel Atelier

In 2022 I achieved the Cultural, Food and Wine Tourism Planning Expert Diploma at Accademia Creativa del Turismo and  started my Eatalian Travel Atelier® project, specifically aimed to get people to know Italy through a combination of cultural experiences, local wines and food tastings, wellness experiences, hiking and a lot more.

Countries I have visited