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From the distinctive tradition of hanging washing from windows to the loud shouting of its people, Naples' narrow streets called "vicoli" offer incredible views of courtyards, stairs, churches and tabernacles. A city teeming with life and history, with a grandiose past.

Cradle of civilization

Naples: a great past

a great past

TRADITIONAL FOOD SPECIALTIES: Pizza Napoletana (Neapolitan pizza, Unesco World Heritage), buffalo mozzarella (fresh buffalo cheese),  crocchè (deep fried mashed potato balls), paste cresciute (fritters), frittatine di pasta (pasta omelettes), arancini (stuffed deep fried rice balls), scagliozzi (deep fried pieces of polenta), sciurilli (deep fried courgette flowers), Neapolitan ragù (meat and tomato sauce), salsicce e friarielli (sausages and a local variety of broccoli), sfogliatelle (pastries filled with ricotta cheese), babà (soft sponge cake soakened with rum or lemon scented syrup), pastiera (wheat, ricotta cheese and orange flower water tart).

WINES: Falanghina, Piedirosso e Aglianico, Biancolella, Greco, Sciascinoso

MUST DO’S: Naples’ vicoli and Spaccanapoli, the nativity scenes’ workshops in San Gregorio Armeno, Naples’museums (the National Archaeological Museum, Capodimonte Museum, Sansevero Chapel Museum), Santa Chiara’s cloister, Piazza del Plebiscito, San Carlo Theater, a coffee at the iconic Caffè Gambrinus, a ride on the funicular.


  • My Brilliant Friend, by Elena Ferrante
  • Gomorrah, by Roberto Saviano
  • Blood Curse, by Maurizio de Giovanni
cartina Napoli un passato grandioso

Naples lies in of the Gulf of Naples beside Mount Vesuvius, the iconic volcano which stands out majestically on the background. Extraordinary views of Capri, Ischia and Procida islands can be enjoyed from the city’s Lungomare (seafront).

Since ancient times Naples has been a melting pot of  populations, shaping the city into a cradle of culture. A walk through its streets unveils a treasure of artistic and architectural testimonies.

Piazza del Plebiscito, the city’s living room with its elegant neoclassical colonnade and the nearby Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace) embrace the visitor as in an open-air theatre. Beside, Teatro San Carlo, an authentic gem built in the eighteenth century at King Charles of Bourbon’s behest. Opposite, elegant and monumental Galleria Umberto I, the fashionable heart of the city with modern stores and historic cafés from the Belle Époque. Not far, the Maschio Angioino, an impregnable fortress but also an art location which houses the 14th century Palatine Chapel, frescoed by Giotto and his pupils. And what about Via Toledo, one of the most important streets, with its fascinating historic palaces?

Naples, Galleria Umberto I, foto Pixabay
Napoli Castel dell Ovo foto Pixabay gb3da03ceb_1920
Naples, Castel dell'Ovo, photo Pixabay

Naples' wonders

The core of city is Spaccanapoli, the long narrow street that divides the historic center in two halfs, where ancient churches and working-class buildings, artisans and peddlers, tourists and mopeds cohabit. And then the Baroque and neo-Gothic Duomo, a devotion site for all Neapolitans who gather there every year to witness the miracle of San Gennaro‘s blood, which turns from dry to liquid. Undoubtedly more austere, but utmost fascinating, the nearby Gothic church of Santa Chiara. The hand-painted majolica cloister, a twist of colors and motifs, is a must see. Naples is a wealth of art, but of legends too, as proved by Sansevero Chapel. There are many stories going around its most extraordinary gem: the Veiled Christ, a sculpture that looks as if it was covered by a veil of fabric. Not far, San Gregorio Armeno, the street where the Neapolitan nativity scene workshops have been handing down the tradition for centuries.

Food in Naples is to all intents and purposes considered an art, one of the most popular delicacies comes from this city: pizza.

Naples, pizza napoletana, photo Pixabay

BEST TIME TO GO: Naples can be visited all year round, the best time is in spring and autumn, but you may also experience a pleasant time in winter. July and August should be avoided, walking around can be tiring due to the heat.

HOW TO GET GET THERE :  the nearest airport is Naples Capodichino international airport (30 minutes from the city centre), by high-speed train or the A1 motorway.

HOW TO GET AROUND : Naples should absolutely be visited walking to get immersed in its magical atmosphere, enjoy the colors and scents and its unique chaos. It is recommended to use the metro (underground) and the funicular which connects the upper part of the city centre.

WHERE TO STAY: In recent years, the city has significantly improved in terms of safety, however, as in all large cities, there are areas that tourists should avoid unless going with a licensed city guide: the railway station area – Piazza Garibaldi, Quartieri Spagnoli (Spanish Quarters), Rione Sanità, Forcella, Centro Direzionale and all the suburbs (Scampia, Secondigliano, San Giovanni a Teduccio, etc.)

HOW LONG SHOULD I STAY: Naples is plenty of marvels. You may stay just for a weekend and take a quick walk, although it requires at least 3 days to be visited.


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